A coworker’s perspective…

coworking perspective 2

To write about coworking from the point of view of coworkers oreven administrators of such places is far from being an easy job. How to choose people you are going to talk to or how to choose coworking places you are going to visit?
However, when I first got acquainted with the concept of coworking, I did not know what exactly that meant, so a whole new world started to openup to me. To bring coworking closer to my understanding I chose some of the organizations that are based as –or offer –coworking places and asked people who are actively involved with them about what they think coworking is. I was talking with Marko Orel from coworking space Creative Centre Poligon, TadejaBučar from PUNKT Laboratory for Creative Industries, Elvisa Basailovič form Technological Park Ljubljana and with Primož Cigler, user of coworking place in Technological Park.
In short, coworking places are places that bring together people from different (professional) backgrounds. Most of the time they are lively social hubs thatalso rent (usually cheap) working tables. When renting one you become part of a coworking community which also gives you unlimited access to the place and this includes some basic necessities such as, for example, wireless internet.For sure there is no ‘prescribed’ type of coworking places – but still, there are some common characteristics.
The only universal and the most important thing about coworking places is the community; the people who give you an understanding, show you respect and, of course, with their expertise they can give you useful advice, help you or even solveany problems you may possibly have. All the people who work together they also get together once in a while and talk about any possible nuisances and personal opinions and wishes.
For Marko, cowokring space is even “a third living space”. Physical place itself is also important because it brings together and separates all the different people at the same time. Usually place is very open and homely even cozy. Sometimes things such as a coffee machine can make the whole difference. Primož said that “It is important that this is a pleasant place to work; this also includes right temperatures and enough of daylight for example.” For Elvisa it is also important that the coworking place or organization that coordinates it also offers professional support in terms of mentors and so on. “The point of a coworking place is that its environment makes possibilities for your success bigger as they would beotherwise.”It is not just a working place, Tadeja said it is “a way of life, work, hanging out and laughter” at the same time. For her coworking is a synonym for “openness, horizontal arrangement and multidisciplinarity.”
There are some other (more or less) important facts about coworking places. One of them is the price for the rental of the working table. Coworking places are cheaper than usual office places and for a lot of people – especially someone who just entered the world of jobs and working – this is very important fact. It is also important, that location of such place is convenient and that the access to the place is unlimited.
Of course coworking is not just about the things I listed above, it is about much more. It is also, as Marko said “about public actors to identify the importance of integration of coworking places in natural habitat of the local places or cities; it is not just a place with tables.”
Veronika Zavratnik