Are you asking yourself what exactly coworking is?


Well, there is no definition of coworking that would encompass all there is to say about it. After all it is co-WORKING; an active process which involves different people that have their own ideas about what coworking is and while participating in it they also (re)create the meaning itself. But still, if one is to understand the concept in all its broadness it is necessary to know at least where and when it all started. And it is one of the most interesting things to look at the historical review of the development of places connected with the concept. Officially it all started just about ten years ago in San Francisco, where in 2005 they opened the first so called “coworking space”. Of course some spaces – for example coffee shops combined with working spaces – existed even before that. Then, soon after it ‘officially’ started, such spaces spread all over the world (Berlin, New York and whole North America, France and the whole of Europe) and the word became more and more present in public media, conferences started to be organized and some articles published on that topic. All this are the reasons‘coworking’today is omnipresent and has more than one single meaning. At the same time in means a space – an alternative to so-called usual office space, it could also mean social hut and after all it also has a literal meaning: co – working. It can literally mean ‘working alone and together at the same time’. Thus, when talking about cowokring and asking ourselveswhat the word actually means, the most important thing seems to be to bear in mind that after all what matters the most in the whole process are people. People who share the same space, exchange ideas and collaborateare making the process of cowokringdeveloping and thus are changing definition constantly. At the end it is not about definitions because all this cannot be encompassed in simple rigid theoretical frames.

Veronika Zavratnik