Alpe Adria Coworking

Coworking Alpe Adria – plans of the future


If you followed us in 2016 you could see a lot of things that happened. We went more local with events in different towns and grew our network internationally. We cooperated with our network partners on the hackathon “What the hack 2016” that took place in Carinthia and brought together 30 developers from over 10 countries. The coworking Europe conference in Brussels strengthened our network because we gathered 15 people in the Alpe Adria Coworking camp from all over the Alpe-Adria-Region and already made plans for the next year.


Combining holidays and work


What do you need to work properly? The majority of our generation just needs a laptop and a fast internet. But where to find these kind of things out of our „normal“ working environment? On coworking camps, coworkation camps, coworking holidays or business beaches.

Nowadays we have the chance to work everywhere – there are so many places where it is worth being. Riding through the dessert on a camel with a caravane, sitting on a lonesome beach on a romantic island in the middle of the indean ocean, a mountain cabin or at a peaceful location on the crowded lakes in the Alps Adriatic Region.


Cooperation between Spaces – back-story of a coworking cooperation


We all dream about projects that are realized together with our partner coworking spaces. Here in the Alpe-Adria region this dream became reality. We had organized a hackathon with participants of 6 countries. This was not only a great opportunity for our contractor country of Carinthia to got a new app for the public transport of the region, this was also one step further in the cooperation in the Alpe Adria network. (more…)

Hackathon – We are looking for your applications :-)


This is a call for app developers, designers and experts in the fields of communication and user experience to participate in two day Hackathon seeking to develop the next digital solution aimed towards streamlining transportation and travel. All the travel and accommodation costs are included for selected applicants. 3 out of 5 teams will be awarded with the money prizes: 1st place with 5.000 euros, 2nd place with 3.000 euros, and 3rd place with 2.000 euros.


Coworking getting to the next level – Coliving


There are people who expect more from coworking – after a long day of work they do not want to go home – they still want to hang out with the community or even continue doing what they like. Coliving is a very common topic at the moment and an alternative to shared flats. In cities where rents are high and space is valueable it is a nice option to share the already existing resources. Sharing economy supports the wishes of individuals to create a life full of abundance.