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Community building

community building

No matter what type of community we are taking under concern, the differences in their system and rules, all of them have something in common; their main components are people.
People are social beings and that is why we seek for company and tend to connect with others. No wonder we always find ourselves building communities; coworking space is just one of them. But people are also intelligent creatures, who look for the best outcome for themselves. (more…)

Are you asking yourself what exactly coworking is?


Well, there is no definition of coworking that would encompass all there is to say about it. After all it is co-WORKING; an active process which involves different people that have their own ideas about what coworking is and while participating in it they also (re)create the meaning itself. But still, if one is to understand the concept in all its broadness it is necessary to know at least where and when it all started. And it is one of the most interesting things to look at the historical review of the development of places connected with the concept. (more…)

Lepa Gesta Virus

WhatIsLepa MindMap

The goodwill gesture virus is currently making its first moves, as the idea and the team are forming. Now do not get scared off too quickly – it is here to bring us closer to each other. And ideas are like to viruses anyway.

This virus is setting its footprint in you even as you are reading on, and this seems like a proper place to establish an issue. Going to extremes such as declaring an idea a virus might be a good way to start thought and maybe even explain some concepts, but is it a way to establish a story on a serious level? (more…)

Welcome to a dream


Welcome to my dream. Welcome to the dream that in our own unique ways we all share. Welcome to the community of creators who care, love and act. Welcome to the community of creators gathered around the idea and act of lepa gesta (goodwill gesture), and each other.

Together we are developing a project aimed at gently reshaping the ways we interact with each other, the ways we work together, and the ways in which we deal with issues. In short – we aim to create and shape our own community.

Many questions arise at this point. What? How? Why? Where? Who? (more…)

How was PUNKT – Coworking Zasavje born?


A group of creative people in Zasavje started with the idea for setting up a coworking space as a part of a broader context of ideas and visons we had within the group in 2012. At that time PUNKT – Laboratory for creative industry was born with the aim to establish a regional Creativity Center in the folowing years.

This Centre will be a multidisciplinary and intersectional hub of organizations and individuals, a community space where the highest value is creativity. This will be a place that will offer a safe environment for creativity and its development. This will be a place that will draw on the creativity for its production. This will be a place, where people will look for synergies and the potential of the community as a whole through alternative approaches. (more…)

The Magic Of Invention


There is no such thing as a unique and new idea. For example, let us say you have an “eureka moment.” You have a feeling that you are on the verge of a new discovery and you think that you are really on to something. In a couple of days or weeks you explain your wonderful plan to some friends. “That’s great! I’ve heard they are already making it in San Francisco.” “Oh, yes, actually there’s a similar project here and my cousin is in charge of it.” Sounds familiar? (more…)