Community building

community building

No matter what type of community we are taking under concern, the differences in their system and rules, all of them have something in common; their main components are people.
People are social beings and that is why we seek for company and tend to connect with others. No wonder we always find ourselves building communities; coworking space is just one of them. But people are also intelligent creatures, who look for the best outcome for themselves.
Why do then some people want to be a part of a community, such as coworking space? Why they want to help others with the growth of ideas, share their thoughts with them or even became business partners? Why would I help other members of the community if I can work only for my own benefit?
Now this is the point, where we have to change our mindset. We have to see that if the community benefits, I benefit for I am a part of it. It is just the way the communities are structured. I give, you give, and we all give. And then we gain, you gain, I gain. The circle is complete. The proportion of giving and gaining is easily not equal, you may say. That could be. But the thing is, we cannot look on community operation through lenses of an individual. Every community has a special, almost magical element; the positive energy that is born amongst its members. I am talking about the creative energy of the whole community and when it surrounds you, you are no longer thinking only as an individual. You are still an individual, but you are also something more; a member of a community. Once this energy inspires you, not only you get the motivation for your own work, but you feel like connecting with others as well. It just feels so good!
Communities are about people, that is why people are about communities. You have to try it and see how much you can gain; in a material and in a personal level.

Eva Škodnik