Coworking Alpe Adria Trip


We had a great tour between the 9th-11th of November 2015 to get to know new places about Coworking in the Alps-Adriatic Region. 7 people of 4 countries where involved in the trip and we really came along very well.

The Austrian delegation: Sabrina Schifrer, Martina Linzer (both gain&sustain) and Laura Stromberger started the trip with a breakfast for the media at the Hafen 11, one of the coworking spaces in Klagenfurt. Then we took our minivan to Ljubljana where we met the people from Poligon and took Amanda Gray and Blaz Beuerman with us to Zagreb.

In Zagreb we had a brainstorming in Bizkoshnica about the actual situation of coworking in that region. After that we went for a perfect nice walk through the city center. The next morning we visited the Impact HUB Zagreb. We finally completed our team with Matija Raos from Coworking Croatia and Mirela Marovic Omerzu from BizKoshnica and went on our trip towards Italy. In Triest we stopped for having lunch and a horror trip at the tiny parking garage with the big van… Then the journey continued until we finally arrived in Milano, where we checked in our wonderful air-bnb flat.

The European Conference of Coworking in Milano was not only our destination it was also the platform where we could present our prospering and young network of Alpe Adria Coworking. The panel of cooperation was attended by around 200 people and we could inform them about the ongoing activities and could find new partners for the network.

Another highlight was the workshop about EU funds on the 12th of November – around 60 people took part and future cooperation partners could be found. As experts in that field we could provide valueable knowhow for the community.

Before leaving again we had the opportunity to take part in one of the four organized coworking tours in Milano. And also having another working meeting to decide what we are going to do further.

The follow up measures are like that:

  • Handing in a common project at EU funds.
  • Planning to do a hackerton together in next year in Austria
  • Finding other sources to make our network profitable
  • Writing a book about old and new values and how to overcome conflicts resulting from that…

Let me conclude like that: Coworking people are really target oriented and hands-on. So if there is something to do it’s gonna be done (of course just if it makes sense e.g. making their lives easier or the planet greener or somebody else happier…).

Who want to see pictures, visit our facebook group – Laura made great pics.