Meeting the coworking family :-)


If you want to know more about all the different topics about the coworking world we really recommend you to visit the coworking conference in Milano this November. The dates are from 11-13 of November and the speakers are awesome.

Also Romy Sigl from Coworking Salzburg will be one of the speakers of the event and let you know about her experience to create a movement in the Mozart City Salzburg.

Another event that promotes coworking and invites coworking space managers is the Coworking Summit in Tunesia. This is free of charge and there are also funds for travel reimbursement available. It is initiatied by the Mideast Creatives and takes place from 8-11th of October.

But why should you go there and what are the advantages for you?

Of course you get to know new people – but not just new people, you will meet new friends for a lifetime. Also if you are searching for a couple to create your family you might find the perfect one there in the middle of the coworking community. Because as you know we share the same values, we all love what we do and so we all love whom we are working with….

But this is not just a meet and greet platform this can be the experience of the year. Feel free to add a few more days to your conference and join us on our roadtrip from Austria, SLovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegowina to Italy. We are a nice punch of people that is ready to explore the coworking Alpe Adria region.

Be aware that there are application deadlines and early bird tickets. If you book over Coworking Alpe Adria we have special prices for the European Conference for just 215 Euro. Send us an email to get these cheap tickets. Also for more information about the Cowoking Alpe Adria ticket drop us a line.

Sabrina Schifrer