Coworking Europe Conference


The Conference in Milano is the place to be and Coworking Alpe Adria is here with a delegation of seven people. We already did a coworking road trip coming here and now we are taking part in the conference of the year. It’s nice to meet old friends and get to know new people. We already could find new members of our network and with the spirit of sharing we are all enthusiastically working on new projects.

Milano welcomed us with a nice autum sunshine – even if we couldn’t be outside that much we really appreciated the nice weather. The location at the Base in Milano was a huge space for conferences next to the Museum of Cultures that is hosting currently a Barbie and a Gaugin exhibition :-).

The group of coworking Alpe Adria consists of 7 people: Sabrina Schifrer, Martina Linzer (gain&sustain), Laura Stromberger, Matija Raos (Coworking Croatia), Mirela Marovic Omerzu (BIZkosniza), Amanda Gray (Coworking Europe Conference) and Blaz Beuermann (Poligon).

I had the opportunity to participate on the panel “Collaboration between Coworking communities: going beyond the utopia”. It was hosted by Olivia Czetwertynski (Coworking Europe). My copanalists were Fergus from Irish Coworking Assembly, Lisa from Belgium and Christian from the Coworking Germany Federation. Here I could show all the effects of the Alpe Adria Coworking community. The outcome was that every cooperation is based on trust and to get things done you need a person who is well payed for his job otherwise it is falling apart after quite a time. So there must be advantages for all the parties and the person in charge of the network needs to be paid or donated in any other way.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to the Unconference – so everybody shared topics where he/she was working on – There were topics like Unfuck the world – mainly that was working from failures, Coworking and Migrants in the island of Lesbos, and we offered a session about EU-funds for Coworking Spaces. What we learned from that was that quite a high number of people is very much interested in taking part in an international project and that people are really seeking for finding funds that help to sustain their coworking spaces.

The third day started with 3 different workshops – We learned from Adam Teterus and Alex Hillman from Indihall about how to build a community and what to do if there are some unpredicted things popping up. In the afternoon of that day we went to different coworking spaces in Milano – there are so many different concepts of the spaces. You’ll read more in our next article.

Sabrina Schifrer

Fotocredits: Carsten Förtsch