Coworking networks


Why should coworking spaces collaborate more and with which aim?

The same way how coworkers join their resources to form meaningful communities and to sustain their coworking space, operators can join theirs to form networks of mutual interests and benefits.

At the last Coworking Europe Conference held in Milan there was a lot of talk about coworking networks and reasons why they are becoming more and more interesting collaborative model to explore. As the Movement is growing stronger, spaces bigger, programs and events better, our communities are demanding more from us for less and less. With rapid growth of branded international coworking chains and franchises driven by the real estate companies, coworking as an industry is changing. Independent coworking spaces realize the need to form networks that can promote true coworking values, represent and protect their interests, and at the same time provide more benefits and offers to their community members. Perhaps the main problem is that although, collaboration is at the very core of every coworking space, in reality it’s really hard to dedicate our time and resources to develop and nurture tangible collaboration between coworking spaces. That’s why it is important for us to remind ourselves that solution lies in scaling-up numbers by using shared economy principles. We need to see coworking networks as a shared tool for achieving mutual goals. At this moment we can identify global, international, regional, national, citywide and focus-oriented coworking networks and in the upcoming series of article we will explore the possibilities of coworking networks and their purpose.

Thematic articles with guests will cover and discuss network topics like:

  1. Collective representation, research and advocacy
  2. Marketing, promotion and visibility
  3. Collaborative events and joint activities
  4. Knowledge, skills and experience exchange
  5. Members benefits and exchange programs
  6. Shared tools and specialized in-hose infrastructure
  7. Bulk sponsorships and partnerships

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Matija Raos
Coworking Croatia