Hackathon – We are looking for your applications :-)


This is a call for app developers, designers and experts in the fields of communication and user experience to participate in two day Hackathon seeking to develop the next digital solution aimed towards streamlining transportation and travel. All the travel and accommodation costs are included for selected applicants. 3 out of 5 teams will be awarded with the money prizes: 1st place with 5.000 euros, 2nd place with 3.000 euros, and 3rd place with 2.000 euros.

On June 24th to the 26th, 2016, Austrian based organization, GS gain & sustain OG (GS),  will be hosting “What the hack” a two day Hackathon that will focus on the development of mobile applications concerning alternative methods of transportation. Prizes range from 5000 to 2000 Euros. The event will take place at St. Salvator in Carinthia, and will be transform into an international stage comprised of developers, designers, and other experts from the creative industries interested in communication and user experience, who will work it teams to produce the next digital solution and mobile app concerning transport.

“What the Hack” is all about….

Imagine if you could travel to a destination using different means of transport (train, bus, taxi, car sharing, bike) and there is no need to buy any ticket because your mobile device will gather all the information about your trip, chooses the best option for you and registers each check-in and check-out in the different used vehicles along your journey accordingly to the distance… within a timeframe of 48 hours you and your team will be working together to turn this idea into reality.

“What the Hack” aims to develop ways that we can create an application on your mobile device that will use mobile solutions to enable travelers to move freely without worrying about buying tickets, timetables, etc. The app would gather all the necessary information concerning your trip, helping you choose the best option(s), as well as letting you register each check-in and check-out in each of the various used throughout your journey. Much like the way that planes and trains allow you to make connections, this app will allow you to make these timely connections, no matter the type of transportation.


Ready to apply?

Those interested in applying for “What the hack-Hackathon” must be 18 years or older with a strong interest in innovation and technology. Participants are required to apply online at this address: www.hackathon.click before May 30th, 2016, where they will be directed to an application form that needs to be filled out in addition to uploading their individual Curriculum Vitae. No application fee is required.

Participants may apply as individuals or in teams, made up of two and six people. Registered team members/participants accept the terms and conditions of participation, as well as the use of personal data, and photography/video recording during and after the event by staff and partners of GS for the purposes of producing editorial content and advertising materials.

Please note that applicants submitting incomplete application forms or inaccurate information will be disqualified.


Confirmation of participation

Selected applicants will receive an official confirmation via the email address provided in the application, starting on the 3rd of June 2016. This confirmation will include all detailed information concerning “What the Hack”, including practical details such  as directions to the event venue. The travel to and from the hackathon will be organized by your country representative, and all travel costs must be approved in advance by GS, in order to be refunded in cash at the event location by showing the bills and tickets, or fuel costs. Refunds cannot exceed 200 Euros per person.


In addition to travel, participation in the „What the hack-Hackathon“ is free of charge. Accommodation offered, a double room shared with team members of the same sex as well as food will be covered by the organizers.
Please find all necessary details and application on the official hackathon website.