How was PUNKT – Coworking Zasavje born?


A group of creative people in Zasavje started with the idea for setting up a coworking space as a part of a broader context of ideas and visons we had within the group in 2012. At that time PUNKT – Laboratory for creative industry was born with the aim to establish a regional Creativity Center in the folowing years.

This Centre will be a multidisciplinary and intersectional hub of organizations and individuals, a community space where the highest value is creativity. This will be a place that will offer a safe environment for creativity and its development. This will be a place that will draw on the creativity for its production. This will be a place, where people will look for synergies and the potential of the community as a whole through alternative approaches.

The Creativity Centre will connect people and through them their ideas that will be resolving the challenges of survival with high ethical standards. It will be a place where the creative focus is on the questions of what to produce, why and how. We integrated coworking into the vision of the Creativity Centre as our guiding principle of work and immediately began with its implementation, together with education and production of services, events, products, projects.

Our foundation for the creation of this coworking space and management of its community is summarized in one guideline – first people, then money. In our eyes coworking is first a community, then space, and then a business. To us it represents the principle of operation, the manner of collaboration, and the way we work and connect.

It represents a community where horizontal relationships, cooperation rather than competition, and friendship rather than the euro symbol and ego are the rock-solid foundations. It represents a community where solidarity is not a question and where humour and laughter are the basics of communication, the attitude towards life and our fellow human beings.

For the first two years PUNKT was organising weekly coworking sessions in the Trbovlje Cement Factory, as well as in other locations, given the opportunity. In October 2014, however, we had the pleasure of opening our own coworking space in the centre of Trbovlje called Coworking Zasavje. Today this space is used by a diverse and very lively community, and in the future we want more participants, and even more diversity. Coworking Zasavje is a space devoted to working, hanging out, educating and sometimes even cooking.

You are most welcome to join our very own tribal union, even if just for a visit or a coworking session!

Tadeja Bučar