Importance of Education processes

by Martin Grazer (2014)

Introduction to team work and coworking should start in early stage of education with an idea to support kids in developing ideas, in giving and receiving feedbacks, to respect diversity, to share talents, passions, needs in order to create better word. And if there is a Lack of cooperation, individuals become limited in sources and in their creativity.

I’m questioning myself if it is possible that pattern of formal way of education offers enough encouragement and knowledge how to cooperate and co-exist with others. Does system of formal education support participatory culture movement of open source with aim to learn and develop our common future?
Future will come, but it will come in the way we want or we just let it comes as others plan.

I’m convinced that educators (teachers, professors, trainers and parents) are the main characters who have to support pupils in their personal and professional growth. In the first place teachers have to understand the state of art of constant change. They have to be open and see the potential of learners. They have to offer sources, put supportive questions and give ideas. They have to be aware of nowadays trends and directions of society development. Otherwise young people are getting lost in formal frame and they are forced by outside pressure to do something. And if they don’t act, are they going to stay in never-ending virtual zone of frustration?

Youth with different backgrounds can design their own future by team work and with creation of sustainable (coworking) community. They just need supportive environment and sparks to create models of new economy in combination with old one. And as I see a lot of them are able to adopt and find the way between own wishes and parents expectations. And for sure their children (future generation) will be even more community orientated and in constant contact with open source of human knowledge. To achieve this we need to put a bit more creativity, courage, entrepreneurship and space in present educational processes to make them more fresh and useful.

Sonja Čandek