Lepa Gesta Virus

WhatIsLepa MindMap

The goodwill gesture virus is currently making its first moves, as the idea and the team are forming. Now do not get scared off too quickly – it is here to bring us closer to each other. And ideas are like to viruses anyway.

This virus is setting its footprint in you even as you are reading on, and this seems like a proper place to establish an issue. Going to extremes such as declaring an idea a virus might be a good way to start thought and maybe even explain some concepts, but is it a way to establish a story on a serious level?

What is lepa gesta (goodwill gesture)? This is the question that we have gathered around. Everybody perceives the answer with their own eyes.

Finding the one best question and an exact common definition is impossible, but let us explore anyway. In this sense we can talk about the process of grouping thoughts of every person alive and abstracting them together to find the one definition of lepa gesta that everybody, including the mafia, can agree on.

While I make such statements, your own thoughts are triggered. Why? Just because I am asking myself whether there really is something genuinely wonderful about feeling a part of a community, and in extreme, feeling as one planet, one life. Maybe you have felt something a bit off at being one with the mafia. A sense of mismatch in the values? Is this an invasive virus?

These small mutations in the story seem to allow the opening of topics for new ingredients to be added to the virus (/idea). Imagine the story is slowly unveiling and we can populate it with thought provoking materials to bring us closer as a community. This virus has an open source and is ready to take in your inputs on its evolution course – our events.

We welcome you to become involved and guide it to the light!

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Blaž Beuermann