Alpe Adria – the term is used…

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As Coworking is just one of the topics connecting people within the Alps Adriatic Region there are much more thematic collaborations under the brand „Alps-Adriatic“. Mainly this is used in the northern countries like Austria – in the more southern countries the brand Alps-Adriatic has not developed yet its full potential.

Here is an overview about other networks in this region. First of all here are the leisure activities that can be done:

The best-known platform of the region is a hiking and cycling track. The trails from north to south can be found on There you don’t only get the connections between the different locations, also a detailed map on 4 different languages. So if you like hiking feel free to visit this region because its gonna be a great adventure.

Other projects in the field of mobility is the Alpe-Adria Line, that is a newly built bus connection between Ljubljana and Klagenfurt which was not available during the past years. This was also a political statement in order to show the brotherhood between these two cities. Tickets for your trip you can get for 15 Euros in one direction:

One institution which interlinkes all these countries is the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance. A fund that is available for projects in that region helps to promote different topics. If you plan a project with positive effect on that region, find more information about these funds here:

Another smaller institution located in Klagenfurt and dealing with business-connections in the region is the Alps Adriatic Center. If you are interested in working in this region they also help you to get the first step into a foreign market.

Also in the education sector the name Alpe-Adria can be found. Primarily the university of Klagenfurt is named Alpe-Adria-Universität. This reflects the strong interference between knowledge, education and a region that is able to flourish again. There is also a rectors conference of the universities of the Alps Adriatic region established, where the heads of the universities meet to establish common projects.

Especially Coworking Alpe Adria wants to use that potential and interconnects all the elements mentioned before because what can be better than a working ecosystem for the whole region and its people. So lets create a prospering region out of Alpe Adria.


Sabrina Schifrer