New trends in Coworking


Its the end of the year and we publish an interview with the two Austrian coworking legends  Stefan Leitner-Sidl and Mike Pöll the founding team of Schraubenfabrik in Vienna– a story about the development of the last 10 years – future trends and a village within the city.

If you have the chance and talk to one of worldwides first founder of a coworking space, you will understand why a coworking space was then the only thing they could have created: They wanted to work together with like-minded people and wanted to create a living room outside their flat where they could meet and work together with other people. So they started the first coworking space in Austria – on the timeline of deskmag these two people are one of the founders of coworking worldwide.

A trend that had a hype during the last 5 years and is coming down to earth again. They saw a lot of spaces opening but also closing down – those which are still here are big, have a working business model and bring an asset to the community.

The spaces went from open for everybody to very specialized ones and another trend is that coworking spaces have sharing economy topics very much connected to the spaces. In the Schraubenfabrik they see that the food-coop is working very good whereas the car-sharing is not needed so much among the community as they thought it would be when they started it.

Another trend in coworking is that every village creates their coworking space: The pioneers tell us that coworking spaces can overtake the role of the main village pub or the church where people go to – nowadays they are not frequently used so there is a need of another space where the community can meet.

Furthermore we discussed was the combination of coworking and holidays. For the pioneers a product like the „Landinger Summer“ is a touristical product that is perfectly suitable for coworkers. They used the product also for themselves and they see a lot of potential in the development of such touristical packages. The ingredients for this concept are: interesting people, professional infrastructure, beautiful landscape to make holiday and a program for them over the summer.

The future of coworking goes to colearning – concepts of intergenerational learning will be concepts that can create new forms of learning for all people included. So stay tuned on the new concepts of education with the coworking pioneers.

Stefan & Mike

Interview by Sabrina Schifrer