Coworking – supported by Carinthian regional minister Christian Benger


We had a talk with Christian Benger – the respresentative of the government of Carinthia for economy. The interview is a mix of standard statements and some more practical insights.

His words are: „We have to give people with fesh ideas space to realize them.“ In his eyes start-ups need: „Publicity and networking as well as financial resourses. Innovation is the base of development and there should be a connection to traditional economy.“

Furthermore we had a long discussion about the differences between coworking spaces that are publicly funded and those that are sustainable on their own.

Benger sees a huge chance in the Alpe Adria region that can bring us multilateralism and incultural understanding in our every day life. The enormous potential is still not discovered and he believes that we need great innovative solutions coming from Carinthia. I think here he is in line with the common understanding of the Alpe Adria region in Carinthia.

After these statements he also let me know about the procedures already in realization. There will be new guidelines for the KWF (economy funding assosiation of Carinthia). These guidelines will be developed together with the start-up and creative-scene in order to make the grant-system in Carinthia more start-up friendly. In 2015 there is a budget of 200.000 Euros dedicated to creative-industries in Carinthia.

So that means we have somebody here in the goverment who is willing to do something for creative-industries, start-ups and coworking spaces and understands the point that he needs to give it to people from the community, because in a lot of other cases politicians were not aware of that. So he will be measured by his actions.

Sabrina Schifrer