Welcome to a dream


Welcome to my dream. Welcome to the dream that in our own unique ways we all share. Welcome to the community of creators who care, love and act. Welcome to the community of creators gathered around the idea and act of lepa gesta (goodwill gesture), and each other.

Together we are developing a project aimed at gently reshaping the ways we interact with each other, the ways we work together, and the ways in which we deal with issues. In short – we aim to create and shape our own community.

Many questions arise at this point. What? How? Why? Where? Who?

Each person has their own answers to these questions. Most of us want our opinions to be heard and to be given the chance to matter. A lot of people even want to act and co-create with each other, just having the chance to express themselves creatively. And why not do this in a way we can all better our material well being as well as sharing great new enlightening experiences and shaping our community according to our measures.

The Lepa Gesta team is facing a major challenge here. How can we include and engage everyone in the practical discussions about these questions? How can we connect these individual creators and their personal interpretations of ‘lepa’ into a network of creators working together and effectively creating a new community around them? How can we spread the ‘lepa’ approach to life and create an open, acceptive, and flexible community? Most of all, how can we help each other to make our dreams first a possibility and then a reality?

The journey to discovery in slow and often painful, and in many cases also a necessity. We are moving into the territory currently largely unknown to modern man, since our traditions, upbringing and education quite often instill in us the notion of needing to be an adjustable, fitting part for the giant machine that is society, because it changes for no man.

That is why we have decided to keep it simple. As simple as humanly possible. As the community is our aim, that is also our starting point. In this initial development phase, we are reaching and exploring local (and broader) communities that already exist around us and we are a part of. It is to spread the word, or the idea, to feel out the interests of the people already more actively involved in their communities, and to discuss and cooperate on issues affecting us all.

Truth be told, we are often unsure of the changes we will bring about together. It is nearly impossible to see through a wall, even if it is but an illusion. We see that as no reason to stop, and since this projects grows out of our mutual love of life, we can be certain that whatever the outcome, it will bring about something wonderful for everyone willing to open up to it.

Gaj Gordan Cizelj