Coworking is a buzzword. And first of all, it means „working together“, nothing more, nothing less. But Coworking is more. Coworking is a trend. And a lifestyle. And a special mind-set. Freelancers, young creatives, small start-ups and entrepreneurs with ideas join forces to communicate, to exchange experiences, to learn from each other and to cooperate. They do it in open-plan offices, so called coworking spaces. And these often are the starting point not only for a lively community but also for successful start-up stories.


by Sabrina Schifrer (2014)


The reasons young entrepreneurs set up company camps in a coworking space are multisided. Next to cooperative exchange and new contacts it’s the manageable monthly fixed costs that count most. Shared infrastructure – mainly consisting of a desk, fast internet access and a meeting room in a coworking space – lowers the monthly rent, and makes coworking cheaper than renting an ordinary office space. Furthermore coworking spaces mostly offer flexible rates, allowing desks to be rent for a day or a week without long-term contracts.

Coworking in the Alpe Adria region – where inspiration meets success

Known especially as a place where others spend their holidays, the Alpe Adria region is a place of inspiration, a place for new ideas, a place for cooperations. It’s the quiet and the beauty of nature and the relaxed way of life the coworkers in this region draw strength from. If you want to free your mind from daily business, if you want to take time for your business strategies and ideas and simultaneously enjoy the full power of nature, the coworking spaces of the Alpe Adria region invite you to come. To get an overview of existing coworking spaces in the Alpe Adria Region please click here.