Combining holidays and work


What do you need to work properly? The majority of our generation just needs a laptop and a fast internet. But where to find these kind of things out of our „normal“ working environment? On coworking camps, coworkation camps, coworking holidays or business beaches.

Nowadays we have the chance to work everywhere – there are so many places where it is worth being. Riding through the dessert on a camel with a caravane, sitting on a lonesome beach on a romantic island in the middle of the indean ocean, a mountain cabin or at a peaceful location on the crowded lakes in the Alps Adriatic Region.

The businessbeach is one of the summer attractions that we had here in Carinthia. On two different beaches of our drinking-water quality lakes we had desks that were given to people in the business mood. Shade, electricity and storage for your belongings that you could find at the businessbeach. On the Faaker See and on the Millstätter See you could combine your to-do list with a jump into the lake. The motivation of the organization team was to bring people out of their offices to the beautiful lakes of our region and enable them to create new projects in a nice atmosphere. This summer is over, but the next is going to come for sure. Here you find the information about this great format how to combine business and life-style:

Also another event was going on in the Austrian mountains. Coworker Mathias Zeitler organized a get together in Salzburg of coworkers from all around the world. They rented a small cottage and planned the next coworking camp. It’s gonna be between the 30rd of October until the 11th of December in Turkey. For more information please visit:

But now temperature is going down and some of us would like to prolong the summer for a bit. If you are amoung them we found some options for you to stay warm: Right now a trip on the coboat is going on. A sailing ship takes you to the Aeolian islands and combines the new way of life with working on cool projects. The next ship starts at the beginning of october for Mallorca.

If you wanna go further south there is an option to go to Bali and have a lifechangeing experience. You combine business with yoga and meditation as well as in-deepth business talks. If that is something for you keep being updated with

Other possiblities to make a change in the location you are working at is Pandorahub. It combines entrepreneurs and rural areas. These areas shall be revitalized with the effort people who have a vision bring to it. This project is mainly organized in Spain.

Another option also for creating team spirit and community projects is to meet at the surf office in Lissabon. They also have possibilities for company retreats:

If you want it big, then join nomad cruise. 200 nomad workers are together on a bis cruise: As we saw the pictures that is something for people who love to party…

If you stay in the European winter you can just adapt yourself to the colder weather we are going to face in the next weeks. As some sportsmen say: „There is no bad weather, just bad equipment“. Keep happy with the location you are working at. Even if that is your kitchen table. Or change it for a desk in a coworking space. There are so many around the place you live.