Cooperation between Spaces – back-story of a coworking cooperation


We all dream about projects that are realized together with our partner coworking spaces. Here in the Alpe-Adria region this dream became reality. We had organized a hackathon with participants of 6 countries. This was not only a great opportunity for our contractor country of Carinthia to got a new app for the public transport of the region, this was also one step further in the cooperation in the Alpe Adria network.


The idea to create a hackathon was born during the Coworking Europe conference in November 2015. During a dinner with our friends from Coworking Croatia & Poligon we assumed that a hackathon would be a great format that can be easily realized together.

So we went back home to Austria and were looking for a possibility to fund the whole project. After a few talks and emails we had the perfect people who could realize that project with us. There was a process of development of the public transport going on and the hackathon was selected to be one of the good practice examples.

We got the contract in April and it was just three months time to realize the whole project, but as we know that coworking space operators are used to work under pressure we knew that it was possible to get the whole project done. We could perfectly trust our partners (Poligon, Startit, Nova Iskra, Hub387, Coworking Croatia, Warehouse Coworking Factory) and knew that this is just the beginning of a collaboration that it is worth working for.

So we set the terms & conditions, started our promotion campaigns in all six countries (Austria, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia). As we knew that our partner coworking spaces have the perfect people for that, we where quite relaxed until the last week before the first deadline. Then we realized that there were just a few people applying. So we tried even harder and harder in promotion, but nothing changed… So we decided to prolong the deadline. But the last night applications were coming in. Nearly 70% of all applications were handed in between 7 and 12pm on the first application deadline… It’s a great mirror for our activities – we are also working the same – if there is no deadline there is no urge to do it…

In total we got 60 applications and we could select 24 people for the teams – We also created country teams in order to get better results – because people could be matched by their country manager in order to perform great at the hackathon. The Alpe-Adria team was one team with people from different countries – they were very creative with their solution.

After selecting the teams we made travel plans and booked the flights. Thanks to great connections in the Alpe Adria region nobody had to do very long travels. Before the hackathon we had to find solutions with last-minute cancelations and the questions of the rooms (who sleeps with whom) was the biggest issue.

People from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia came together with a bus, which was broken twice before they finally arrived at our event-location Seppenbauer in Carinthia and the first hackathon of Carinthia was ready to start.


Sabrina Schifrer