Coworking getting to the next level – Coliving


There are people who expect more from coworking – after a long day of work they do not want to go home – they still want to hang out with the community or even continue doing what they like. Coliving is a very common topic at the moment and an alternative to shared flats. In cities where rents are high and space is valueable it is a nice option to share the already existing resources. Sharing economy supports the wishes of individuals to create a life full of abundance.

So projects are poping-up everywhere. Mainly in regions where you can easily spend the winter and do not need to pay for electricity. Thailand is on the top destinations of coliving. Not just as a permanent home but as 2-3 weeks vacation alternative.


The coliving map indicates them and we found just on coliving project in the Alpe Adria region which has already come to an end. Here you can read the story of the experiences of a project in Zagreb that was closed due to several reasons. All this reasons should be taken into account when setting up a new project. Time works for us and also people who are interested into a coliving area have needs like: Social contacts, equal way of living, shared vision, short ways.


Other support factors that are published by “Common” a coliving project in Brooklyn is that coliving providers should be facilitators and support the ideas of the people – not taking just your ideas as the perfect ones, lay out rules and be flexible if another model of living arises. Also same like in coworking spaces just provide the basics, let the people decide on the soft facts and especially the decoration.


Matthias, Heinz and Uwe got aware of that in Austria – they founded and want to set up a rural coliving space – they do not have a location yet and are looking for a place – so why not doing so in the Alpe Adria region. Here you can find not far from international airports like Venice and Ljubljana great properties in the countryside that enable the vision of a coliving model.


South of Austria is the perfect region for doing so – We need new concepts here on how we define living together in order to create an atmosphere of cosmopolitan friendship. The brain drain is something that is mentioned everywhere when it comes to the charactaristics of that region, but with enabling coliving projects we would do ourselves a favour to support initiatives that create value not only for themselves but also especially to their surroundings.